Melody of the Moment

Act like summer and walk like rain

“1. there are days when my reality is nothing but a foggy perception,
a screwed up sky and a world full of shitty people who makes my bones ache.
2. my grandmother always told me i had a tongue made of pure, liquid gold.
3. she said it was the reason swallowing this place was no easier for me then a shot of whiskey, with it’s loud mouths and shiny, silver tongues.
4. my therapist tells me i spend too many hours reading into song lyrics,
i tell her i’m just trying to learn the power of my palms.
she looks at me with her sad hazel eyes,
and tells me she worries about me.
5. i tell her that on the days the sun lights me on fire and i can’t stop burning, my lavender shampoo washes the sadness down the drain.
6. i take one of those dumb mental health assessments,
it asks me what i think about most.
7. i write that i think a lot about the boy i met in front of Walmart, the one with the eyebrow piercing and stained white t-shirt.
8. he asked me if i believed that once he smoked enough cigarettes, he’d finally get to see god.
9. i laughed in his face and told him ‘kid, there is no god. you’re the only light you’ve got. look in the damn mirror, why donchya?’
10. we talked till’ the sun went down.
he told me i spoke in poetry and i bought him a pack of marlboros and some swedish fish.
11. i liked that kid.
i think he had a gold tongue, too.”

– Abbie Nielsen, The Foggy Perceptions of A Gold Tongued Girl (viapassionandcoffeestains)